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Comp 365 - Computer Graphics (Fall 2018)


  • Project G5 Resources
    • G5
    • plotchair.cpp - will read and display chippchair.obj (below). This will also be fun for you to work with code containing no comments.
    • shadingTex.csLab - executable Dr Pepper program; will work ONLY on csLab computers.
    • shadingInit.cpp - init() for the Dr Pepper program that sets up the lighting and other parameters.
    • shadingTexture.cpp - part of code from Dr Pepper program that sets up the bottle texture.
  • G4
  • G3; sample input file:
  • G2
  • G1

Linux Resources

Linux cheat-sheet - Linux sheet given out in class.
Linux Survival - online Linux tutorial. Quick-n-easy!
Beginners: Learn Linux
Linux is NOT Windows (Pretty old, but still worth a look)

Handouts/In-Class Examples

Computer Graphics Images

Computer Graphics Resources

  • Pixar - see some clips of cutting edge CG.
  • Pixie - open-source RenderMan renderer for Windows, Linux, and OSX!
  • Brownian motion - an animation of Brownian motion showing molecules in a gas.
  • Fun Fractals - shows images you can create starting with a fractal.
  • Mandelbrot Fractal - Java applet in which one can zoom in/out of a Mandelbrot fractal.
  • - Enterprise model vertex data for use in Homework 3. (Use gunzip to inflate)

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